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Hi , I want to share my experience in the Rxjs and angular to show how to use better in the special condition for example : when user has slow network and meanwhile before reach response , user gives up and want to select another item

What’s Observable and Rxjs ?

There are many story in the medium to explained Observable and kind of operators and etc to learn and use ,But in this section I want to have a glance to observable and switchMap quickly.

If you have not idea that what’s observable ,it’s good to read this perfect story for reach better vision about…

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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope


One of the James Webb Space Telescope’s science goals is to look back through time to when galaxies were young.Webb will do this by observing galaxies that are very distant, at over 13 billion light years away from us.

Powerfull Mirror

If you attention to the picture of Webb you see that it’s Hexagonal , The main reason is ,With this shape we decrease gap of between segment in the mirror , For example if it was circle we had very gap between segments , This Mirror includes 18 segment that their mirror wings are closed for launch , after all steps for making mirror in the last step ,a thin coating of gold is…


Mohammad Taheri

Front-end Developer , mountain and astronomy lover

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